On your road to becoming a cigar connoisseur, you’ll discover taste in stages. The vocabulary of your palate will grow to incorporate more unique and subtle flavors, as you familiarize yourself with different cigars.

  • STEP 1

    Take your time

    You are not on the clock

    Distinguished flavor is meant to be appreciated at a leisurely pace, so don’t rush it.

    By smoking a cigar too hurriedly you risk sacrificing the entire precious flavor. Some purists argue that a minute should be allowed to pass in between each puff to guarantee that the tobacco isn’t overheated. So relax, kick your feet up; you’re going to be here for a while.

  • STEP 2

    Hold that Puff

    Don't let go

    After you draw the smoke into your mouth, allow yourself a moment to appreciate the distinct subtleties found within every puff.

    Concentrate on holding in the smoke to let the aromas and flavors really resonate; let it slowly fill your throat and awaken your every taste bud. Then exhale.

  • STEP 3

    Using your Nose

    Activate your sniffer

    While your mouth is often the body part that’s associated with taste, it’s actually your nose that’s responsible for analyzing most of the distinct tobacco flavors.

    Draw in the cigar, trying to exhale not only through your mouth but also through your nose. At first your nose may be sensitive, so take this step slow, exhale only part of the smoke through your nose while exhaling the majority from the mouth, make sure you do not inhale the cigar.

  • STEP 4


    Living in the moment

    This may be more of a note then a step but it is important to recognize that your atmosphere and surroundings have a profound effect on your impression of the cigar.

    Different pairings of food and drink will certainly alter your perception of each cigar. In time you’ll learn to coordinate these different flavors to create the full experience. If you are new to the cigar world we suggest you begin tasting your cigars with water and as your impressions give way to more succinct observations begin experimenting with different drinks and food.