Ratings above 90

Published by Cigar Snob in Sept. of 2012

Both Rocky Patel Sun Grown and Rocky Patel Edge Maduro are rated above 90.

Controlling Interest

Article written by Gregory Mottola

"Cigar star Rocky Patel is moving toward controlling every aspect of his ever-growing cigar brand, from seed to shelf"

Best of IPCPR 2012

Published by Cigar Snob in November of 2012

Cigar Snob Challenge

Published by Cigar Snob in May of 2013

Rocky tees off against Cigar Snob in the Cigar Snob Challange

Ratings in the 90’s

Published in Cigar Snob, Swimsuit Edition in March 2013

Both Rocky Patel Fifty and Rocky Patel Freedom rated over 90 in Cigar Snob

Interviews with Nish Patel & Nimish Desai

Published by Cigar Press

Take an inside look at Nish Patel and Nimish Desai

The best Cigars of 2012

Published in the Jan - Feb Edition of Cigar Snob

Both Vintage 2003 Cameroon and Xen are featured in this issue of Cigar Journal

Lighting up the night

Published by High Life

"After a brief but eloquent address from the man himself, who'd flown in specially for the occasion..."

Rock & Roll

Published in The Golf Sport

The life style of Rocky Patel has found its way into the life style of the sport of Golf

It’s a Lifestyle

Published in Cigar Journal in January of 2014

"Rocky Patel has become a name associated with a style, not just a cigar.

An Interview With Rocky Patel

Published in 2008

An insight to the man behind the legend, Rocky Patel

Lounges of Distinction

Lounges of Distinction

Again Rocky Patel is shown in the spotlight not only for his incredible cigars but also for his fine taste how he crafts his Cigar Lounges

The Rocky Road to Success

Published in Smoke Magizine

Enthusiasm for Life

The Midas Touch of Rocky Patel

Published by SaVvy Life Magazine, Fall, 2001 Issue

Rocky follows cigar trends like some investors monitor NASDAQ.

Outsized Dreams

Published by Monday, March 12, 2007

These Indian-American have larger than life ambitions.

Making the Dream

Published by Tobacconist

Tobacconist recently traveled to Naples, Florida to visit with Patel at the Indian Tabac offices and to learn more about the man and his cigars. What follows was a portion of our visit..