Cigar Factory: Honduras

Welcome to El Paraiso – Our Honduras Cigar Factory

Picture a rugged tour bus rumbling through the bumpy streets of Danli, Honduras. Kids scurry and adults stare from porches as you drive off into the dusty countryside. Yet within 10 minutes ride, you see the building, impossible to miss in front of the rolling landscape. It’s El Paraiso, the mammoth cigar factory housing 120,000 square feet of Rocky Patel’s Honduran manufacturing operations.

Inside the facility, the factory floor buzzes with action as dozens of rolling pairs meticulously work their craft creating the finest Honduran cigars smoked in the American market. Brands like the 95-rated Decade, Twentieth Anniversary, Sun Grown, Nørding and all The Edge varietals are masterfully rolled in this grand arena.

Then there’s the sorting rooms where properly fermented tobaccos are subdivided by priming and color. There’s the fermentation room where great pilons keep pressure on the tobaccos. There’s the quality control room where all aspects of cigar inspection occurs. There’s the aging room where time runs its course. There’s the packaging department where every cigar is banded, cellophaned, and boxed.

All of the duties performed by the nearly 500 factory employees result in the superlative Rocky Patel cigars you so often enjoy. At Rocky Patel Premium Cigars – at El Paraiso – we THINK INSIDE THE BOX.

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