Factory Tour

Ever wonder how cigars are made?
Ever wanted to overlook a tobacco field at sunset?

From beautiful tobacco farms to bountiful aging rooms, experience the grandeur of premium cigar creation at the source. Welcome to Rocky Patel’s cigar manufacturing operations in Danli, Honduras. A journey you’ll never forget!

Have you ever wondered how it all begins? How that smoldering cigar between your fingers actually came to be? How that wonderful aroma matches the flavors and strength as you enjoy each puff? How that same Rocky Patel cigar burns so evenly and draw so smoothly each and every time?

This is your opportunity to find out. We personally invite you to visit our cigar manufacturing facilities and broaden your knowledge and appreciation for premium hand-rolled cigars. See for yourself. Make Rocky Patel part of your story.

Your flight will arrive in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, where you’ll clear customs and be greeted by a member of our tour staff. From there, you’ll jump onto our cigar-friendly tour bus on a four-hour drive to Danli, but don’t fret – we always have a variety of fresh cigars, cold beer, and chilled water at the ready!

Cigar Factory Tour - rocky patel

Day 1

Following your arrival at Rocky’s house, you’ll enjoy a poolside reception featuring an authentic home-cooked dinner, the first of many meals prepared by our in-house chef. You’ll have the evening to unwind from your travels while enjoying Flor de Cana rum and a variety of fine RP cigars. The night is yours.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast, your tour bus will depart at 8 am and take you on an expedition to the tobacco fields where you’ll have the chance to walk through the soft soil and feel the gummy-textured tobacco leaves. You’ll then move on to the nurseries, where the process begins with the nurturing of tiny seedlings that you’ll be able to cup in your hand. From there, it’s off to the box factory to witness the handmade creation of every single cigar box. After lunch, you’ll spend a good amount of time touring the inner workings of the El Paraiso factory, where you’ll have the opportunity to blend your own cigar!

Day 3

You’ll witness the differences in production and rolling styles between the Honduran and Nicaraguan factories, yet each facility creates its own unique identity for every Rocky Patel cigar brand. Upon your return to Rocky’s house in Danli, you’ll party the final night away as we host a Farewell Gala featuring live music, dancing, festivities, food, rum, and of course, cigars!

Want to know more about our Factory Tour or how to sign up?
If so, please email us at Farmtour@rockypatel.com