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The Edge

20th Anniversary

Welcome to the Era of the Edge

Legacy begins at the moment of origin. 20 years ago, Rocky Patel set out to create the boldest, most multifaceted cigar he ever imagined. The leaves that would one day become one of the most beloved cigar collections of the last two decades took root, and the industry was never the same. Two years later, the Edge was born. To honor these twenty years of innovation, we introduce the sharpest cigar we’ve ever had the pleasure of cutting – The Edge 20th Anniversary.

Discover the

Edge 20th Anniversary

The Edge 20th Anniversary features a contoured surface worthy of a fighter plane, and a core composition that would make even the staunchest aficionados ripe with praise. Showcasing a unique blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran excellence, the Edge is highlighted by its rigid, unwavering outer shell. Boasting a rich Sumatra wrapper from the fields of Ecuador, aged for over 10 years, the Edge is a cigar that isn’t just well-rounded, it’s downright aerodynamic.

From every angle, every perspective… The Edge 20th Anniversary is a clear-cut masterpiece. Experience one today and become part of the legend that’s 20 years and counting.

20 years in the making

Tobacco: Aged 10 years

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Filler & Binder: Nicaraguan & Honduran

Edge 20th Anniversary Cigar