Chapter 8. Quality Control “Aesthetics”

Quality Control - "Aesthetics"

Chapter 8


After the aging room, each cigar goes through yet another round of quality control. We sacrifice nothing when it comes to flavor. We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise. 

We make every effort, no matter how tedious, to clean up any and all rough edges. The result: the smoothest tasting cigars known to man.

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  • Chapter 9

    Boxed Pressed

    Boxed Pressed


    After the second quality control, a cigar may journey down a number of different roads. The first choice of which is if the cigar is box-pressed or not. Box-pressed cigars are a specialty that...

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  • Chapter 10

    Banding & Boxing

    Banding & Boxing


    Whether box-pressed or left round, our cigars are then branded with our label. Carefully, decisively and proudly we band each of our cigars. The band is not just a label to queue what tastes will be revealed within the cigar, it is a testament to the labor and craftsmanship that went into every individual leaf...

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We put a lot of love into our cigars. When we brand and box them with the Rocky Patel logo, it’s not just for the purpose of sale. It’s an opportunity to pay homage to a living legend. And it’s our chance to say, “goodbye, good luck, and make us proud.”

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