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Qualification season 2020

Cigar Smoking World Championship

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We are proud to announce that Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is the new official manufacturer of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) cigar. Rocky Patel, in partnership with CSWC, has created a new premium cigar for this year's Cigar Smoking World Championship. We invite you to join us as we partner with CSWC on this journey to discover who will be the Top Cigar Smoker of 2020.

Welcome to CSWC

Welcome to CSWC

CSWC was founded 10 years ago by Marko Bilic, president of the International Cigar Club Mareva and winner of the prestigious global Cigar Trophy award for the best cigar ambassador in the world. The Cigar Smoking World Championship is an international competition in the “slow smoking” of cigars, but at the same time, it is much more than just a competition - it is the perfect tool to inspire participation in every cigar enthusiast. Through this medium of friendly competition - international friends are reunited and new friends are made, all of whom share the same passion of a shared cigar lifestyle. On top of all that, CSWC is great fun and a great experience!

The CSWC is a global name in the cigar world, with qualification events held in more than 30 countries with the Grand Finale held every September in Split, Croatia. With competitors from over 35 countries represented, the Grand Finale is truly a global event that brings together cigar clubs and enthusiasts from across the world.

Rules and Gameplay
How to Enter

Competition Cigar

Developed by Rocky Patel

Competition Cigar Developed by Rocky Patel. A new decade for Cigar Smoking World Championship has just started and it started with one of the biggest steps – improving the competition cigar! Rocky Patel is proud to announce that he is making this year's Competition Cigar. Marko Bilic founder of CSWC is honored that such a name from the cigar industry would stand behind the official CSWC cigar. The new official cigar will carry all the same propositions and technical parameters as previous competition cigars; yet, this cigar has gone one step further in being specially made with the high demanding technical properties needed for a slow-burning competition! On top of that, the Rocky Patel competition cigar is an amazing blend.

For those who want to enjoy this unique taste, outside of the competition, we have prepared the Cigar Smoking World Championship Rocky Patel line of cigars with two additional sizes (vitolas) - robusto and toro!

Can you beat the world record?

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