Erik Nørding

Meet the incomparable Erik Nørding. Or as we prefer,
“The World’s Most Interesting Man.”

A native of Copenhagen, Denmark, Nørding has been in the tobacco business for more than 50 years! Originally a blacksmith and engineer by trade, Nørding shifted his interest to the world of handmade pipes having learned about the pipe smoking pastime from his father at the ripe age of 15. His deft skills at crafting and knowledge of all things briar led to the development of his pipe manufacturing business. For decades, his pieces have been renowned as some of the finest in the pipe world. His style and craftsmanship are second to none. And with the aid of his son and grandson, Nørding Pipes continues to thrive today.

So how is it then that Erik Nørding became part of the extended Patel Family?

It was over a drink or two…or more. Rocky and Erik became fast friends crossing paths through the tobacco industry. Their shared love of fishing, amongst other hobbies, led to a discussion of creating a cigar brand for Erik. The idea became reality with the launch of NØRDING BY ROCKY Patel back in 2008 and rolled in El Paraiso. Then the brand expanded with the release of NØRDING 50TH in 2013, a single Toro size crafted at TaviCusa honoring the 50th year Erik had worked in the tobacco business.

What followed in 2015 was a natural progression as Erik developed a line of luxury handmade pipes crafted in Denmark with Rocky Patel’s brand name stamped on the collection.

As to why Erik Nørding is the most interesting man in the world? Well if you meet him, you’ll understand!